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Acrylic Dip Extension

The perfect answer to weak, brittle, flaking or bitten nails. The natural nail is  extended by applying a nail tip which can be cut to any length. The tip is blended into the natural nail then covered with a thin layer of acrylic. The nails are then buffed to a glossy finish. Nail extensions will withstand normal daily activities. They will need to have an infill every 2 to 3 weeks when the new growth area is filled & the nails reshaped.  Nail tips come in a choice of natural or French manicure.

£30.00 - Acrylic Dip Extensions

£40.00 - Acrylic Dip Extensions with Gel Polish

£22.50 - Infill

£4.00 - Any Single Nail or Nail Repair

£11.00 - Nail Removal & Tidy

Gel Polish

An innovation in chip free, extended wear colour. Gel polish is LED cured so there is zero drying time and provides 14 days of

high gloss colour.

£22.50 - Gel Polish on fingers or toes

£27.50 - Builder Gel for strength plus Gel Polish

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