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BeautyLab Non Surgical Facelift 

1. £28.50
6. £142.50

Micro current rejuvenates cells and re-educates muscels to lift, firm and tone. Temporary results can be seen after one treatment.  For longer lasting benefits, a course followed by regular maintenance treament is recommended.

£27.50 - 1 Treatment

£137.50 - Course of 6 (1 FREE)

Oxygen Therapy

1. £38.50
6. £192.50

Plumps, energises and nourishes.  It allows serums to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.  Results are immediate but optimum results are achieved 2-3 days post treatment.

£37.50 - Micro Current Plus Oxygen Therapy £37.50

£187.50 - Course of 6 (1 FREE)

Glycopeel Facial

1. £46
6. £270

A unique resurfacing treatment which combines Glycolic Acid and pomegranate enzyme.  Leaves a smoother, brighter complexion.  Glycopeel focuses on deep cleaning and many levels of exfoliation.  It is an ideal anti aging treatment working on sun damage, pigmentation and premature aging but also works on dull, congested and acne prone skin. Results are visible from the first treatment, however a progressive course of 6 treatments are recommended.  Sensitive skin will require a patch test, 48 hours prior to treatment.

£46 - Glycopeel Facial

£270 - Course of 6 (Receive a FREE pre skincare set)

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